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Ten days with Tilly

Off again at 10 am finally getting to Warnambool & the start of The Great Ocean Rd......strange I spent the first 25 years of life in Victorian& apart from a couple of trips to Lorne never went on this spectacular road.
It is certainly a "wow" as we discovered with the numbers of foreign tourists. We did all the stops at the The Arch,London Bridge , The Grotto & of course The Twelve Apostles which are now only three. Big interpretive centre & excellent access . No dogs allowed mmmmm so we carried Tilly. It was hot so couldn't leave her in the car & apart from that it's her holiday too. Right !!
We spent a good couple of hours wandering between the various different sights then off to Pt Campbell ....dogs not welcome at any of the caravan parks. Next stop ended up Apollo Bay. Long drive through the Ottway Ranges. Very steep road but stunning views at times right to the sea.
Arrived at Apollo Bay nice park with lots of big shady gums.... Went for a walk & an icecream in the town centre.....nothing special all modern shops etc. Would have been interesting 30 years ago when it was a tiny village. However the bay itself is spectacular & the white sands extend for miles.
Barbecued rump steak we bought in Pt Fairy along with sweet potato chips & the last of the organic greens...oh & stack of barbecued onions. Yum I must say!
Watched the rest of 3rd Harry Potter then early night. Great day but think the sun got to my head....no hat of course.
Staying put today but will drive down to Lorne only about 50 k . Looks like another great day.

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Ten days with Tilly

We actually stayed in Pt Fairy for a second night...wow !!! Bill was of course keen to move on but my persistent whinging won . There was of course a reason I wanted to stay put. I had seen a sign advertising " a country market" these are the genuine deal not full of Asian crap.
We got there about 10 & I guess I was lucky Bill 's interest held for about 3/4 of an hour. Lovely organic vegetables , soaps , cakes & some interesting jewellery ......ooooooooo my weakness of course. I did buy a couple of unusual bone rings. One for me & one for ????? Of course you can guess who for I'm sure ?
Walking up the Main Street was fun ...I reckon most of the locals were out walking their dogs & chatting...Tilly loved it . Such a social little lady .
Back to the caravan for lunch then off for a drive to Koroit only a few k's down the road. If you haven't been to Koroit then it's a going back in time treat. This is a very Irish area...hence over sized churches , lovely old houses ,gardens & a stunning old hotel. We had coffee & cake ( I'm sure you will make a note of this Ann B ) Tilly did sit on my lap eating apple & date slice & a scrap of Bill's blue berry muffin.
Dinner consisted of barbecued fresh flathead hand cut chippies, organic cauliflower & beans . Not too bad for a caravan meal.
We watched the first half hour of Harry Potter The Prisoner of Azkaban then Bill & Tilly went to sleep . I read till near midnight. The book is Dancing with Empty Pockets. The story is the Bohemians of Melbourne from 1860 onwards. I have a strong feeling that once I get to 1940's my mother & her literary & artistic mates will appear. Will they shock me ???? I doubt it !
Today we travel on to The Great Ocean Rd ....finally . We had planned on staying in Pt Campbell but my online research has not come up with a pet friendly park. Think tonight will now be Apollo Bay....

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Ten days with Tilly

Drove a massive 70k's yesterday arriving at Pt Fairy in annoying rain. When I think back to the eight weeks we spent in Europe earlier in the year with NO rain I am certainly not impressed with this last weeks weather !
We did manage to set up regardless of the rain & then off to explore. This is a gorgeous old town ...once again this was a sealing stop off for the Tasmanian Sealers. Interesting ! It fell on hard times when the industry here moved to the larger cities. Due to the loss of fortune new building did not take place & the wonderful iconic wooden houses & stone building were left. Hurray !!
This town is well worth a visit for anyone interested in 19th C architecture....oh & the cottage gardens are delightful . This place would be heaven for you Milly ..... Your cottage would fit in here splendidly....
We had lunch at one of the pubs leaving Tilly in the car . She was not impressed might I add. It was only about 9 degrees so quite safe for an hour .
This has been a very relaxed trip if only Bill didn't want to move every day. I have won today however & we are staying put & venturing to the local market ....ooooooo more rubbish to collect perhaps.....????
Tomorrow off to Pt Campbell & the actual start of The Great Ocean Rd......

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Ten days with Tilly...

Thursday...yet another easy start....left Nelson by 10 am for the long drive 69ks to Portland. A place we have never been before. Jane ( GPS) got lost actually wanted to put us over a cliff into the sea while trying to find the caravan park. It was definitely a " not happy Jan " moment.
The park is a couple of k's outside the town right on the beach. Great sound of crashing waves which explains the huge rock wall.
Tilly is not a happy traveller she is still quite miserable in the car but brightens up as soon as we stop.
Set up camp which takes us all of 10 mins....quite the little campers now !!
We spent a couple of hours wandering around the city...must say very interesting & well cared for. Portland is known for its old iconic buildings ...stunning in places ..it's such a shame the 1950's 60's & 70's got in the way. Hideous comes to mind .Not master pieces of architecture in those eras.
It is great to see the beautiful old wooden houses. Victoria is known for these tiny weatherboard houses with their sweet little cottage gardens.
Back to the park & much to Tilly's delight lots & lots of rabbits. She first discovered rabbits at home & has taken seriously to the job of keeping them away from their "home" She feels it her duty to sort the ones out here too. What a delight this little lady is !
Today , Friday we head way down the road to Pt Fairy... I seriously hope we are going to stay put for a couple of nights .

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10 days with Tilly

Well another easy day...did all of 33 k's to Nelson 5 k's over the border into Victoria...Nelson is on the Glenelg River & that's about all I know...pretty ,pretty & we went for a drive to the great southern ocean. No swimming ...so we didn't . Not sure if this was the rogue waves or the sharks ????
Drove around a bit more couple of old houses really old old hotel . Talking about the hotel we tried to have lunch there BUT it's only open for lunch from Thurs thru Sunday ....but there was "takeaway" thank goodness.
Have spent an easy afternoon Bill & Tilly sleeping & me doing stuff ???? Bill cooked barbie with the normal lots of good red...keep thinking how good is our life!!!
We are now watching Pirates of the Carribean ...thanks to Zkye & her endless supply of DVDs ...
Tomorrow big day we have at least 70k's to Portland...Portland is a big city I think ? Shops ...haven't seen any real ones for three days ...

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