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The flight from Dubai to Rome was uneventful ...watched another couple of movies. That certainly passes the time . I watched Anna Karinina & take my humble advise watch it. Different style but quite an "art movie" STUNNING . Bill & I then watched Hitchcock & Bill watched The Life Of Pi .now that's a Zkye pic.
Ok done the movies got to Rome walked straight to our hotel .Easy coz we've stayed here before. Bill did the usual hunt & gather ...cheese ,rolls & a bottle of Italian Red....all consumed by 6pm & we slept ,woke up a coupe of times then slept through till 7am.Wow !
So what did Roma The Eternal City have in store for us today? Firstly superb weather sun shine & at least 20 degrees . Can't complain ...
We have been to Roma a couple of times & never remembered to pre book for the Borghese Gallery .This time I did it. Our booking was for 11 am so we had an easy walk to the Borghese Gardens . No trouble finding them been there before but just not the Galleria. No one can help heeding the call of the ravishing Villa Borghese baroque park. What a unique area right in the heart of Rome.
Well thanks Cardinal Scipione Borghese what a treat we had in your amazing Galleria . It is said that if you only see one gallery in Roma make it this one.. We spent a very happy couple of hours oooing at the numerous Caravaggio's ,sculptures , mosaics etc etc.
We made a decision some years ago that we will not retrace our steps & always have to see different things so no Vatican City ,St Peters Basilica or Roman Forum . We decided to take a walk down to a different part of The Tiber...we had lunch in the area around Piazza del Popolo ..pretty cool now but used to be the site of public beheadings for centuries.
The river is extremely fast flowing at the moment so was interesting to see a lot of rowers gamely heading downstream . Would have been interesting to see them all coming back upstream.
We walked & we walked stopped for coffee a couple of times & finally made it back to our hotel by 4.30 . Now that makes a total of seven & a half hours . Ok we did stop for lunch & 2 coffees but that would be perhaps an hour max. Methinks this has added up to nearly 11 k's according to my pedometer .Not a bad first day.

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Ok guys , this is the first of many little stories I will try & relate to you all . Very good flight lucky Bill I did sleep for at least 6hrs .Now that is certainly wow for me! I did watch two movies The Leopard which is actually the book I am currently reading & Durango which was great even though it was "bloody" gory.
Only half an hour till we board the last leg to Rome.
Dubai airport well very very big & very clean . Could have bought a lot of makeup cigarettes & booze .Perhaps , well I'm damn sure on the way home there will $ spent with gay abandon . That is of course if there are any $ left. Lots & lots of great jewels to buy in Italy .
See you all in Rome later.

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Walking Lots Again

Just a check

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Well hi all , it's me again just doing a little check to see if this blog is back in working order. If you see it & are a friend of ours please let us know you have seen this.
I'm sure everyone knows we are off on yet another little trek to Europe again in under a month. Not sure how Bill feels but I'm getting really excited & can't wait.
I am sure you will all get fed up with my whinging about walking for 6 or perhaps 8 hours a day but hey it is the only way to see everything that is out there in each city / town / village we discover. It will all be WOW again I am sure !!!
So if you are coming along for the ride/ walk fasten your seat belts & let us know you want to come .

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Ten days with Tilly

Not much to report... Spent the day climbing out of the Otway Ranges....long very winding road didn't make for a very happy little Tilly. 5 hrs on the road was 5 too many for Tilly she will be very happy to get home.
We arrived in Casterton & the one park in town was pet friendly so that was the choice. Nothing much to see here few interesting old buildings ,houses different architecture none of the pretty gardens though !
Off to Robe today only about two & half hours . One last sleep in the van then home to our bed & caravan put to rest for another year.

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Ten days with Tilly

On the road early ....well 10am ... We decided to just take the car to Lorne rather than move camp. Oh boy Tilly & I were relieved with this decision . The views are spectacular but the road is right on the edge of the cliffs...windy, curvy road for some 45k....would have been worse with the caravan on behind.YUK is the operative word that comes to mind.
Lorne was however worth the trip . I vaguely remember going to Lorne as a bad teenager but it's only a vague memory....you know the saying" if you remember the 60's you weren't there " I remember nothing so what does that say about me ????
Enough reminiscing what I don't recall . Lorne is a big place these days two beautiful grand old hotels from a bygone era . Lots of shops that I barely had enough time to take in a lot of very nice glassy fronted houses perched on the hills & a very impressive jetty .
Missed out on lunch at one of the iconic old hotels due to warm day & no leaving Tilly in the car. Sad ,sad but overcome with fish & chips & a stunning view of the bay.
Headed back to our moveable home & a lovely late afternoon in the sun. Dinner was fried chicken .Bad yes I know but tasted great at the time . I'll go back to being healthy when we get home.
Today Tuesday we start heading back towards Adelaide ten days in the van is enough for me . Gypsy Bill would stay for weeks I fear !

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